Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sketchbook Update 9-14-10

Illustration class

People in Illustration
People in english

Me waiting at AAA
Getting pretty bored with my sketchbook right now. I'm going to try and incorporate more watercolor and collage from now on.


  1. Nice. I need to get off my ass and post more sketchbook pages.

  2. I need to start carrying a sketchbook to school...but I already carry so much crap ;__;

  3. you've got cool figure stuff but hardly any faces. start with the face.

  4. and so concludes my soapbox rant. what gives me the right to criticize? old-fashioned gumption.

  5. Charlie, shut up. Just kidding, I always end up sitting behind people! It's not my fault! I am sick of drawing the back of peoples heads though, seriously annoying and Katie don't be a wimp. I carry my sketchbook everywhere and that's on top of my 2 giant drawing pads, marker paper and plethora of pencils.