Monday, August 13, 2012

I always feel weird showing people my fan art because growing up people are always saying "oooooh don't show your fan art" but at the same time you never know, maybe people are going to reboot said thing and saw your fan art and want you to be on the design team. I've head stories of people getting job offers based on fan art and I know people personally who this has happened to so I guess I don't feel too bad. Plus it's nice to practice new techniques on characters that are already basically laid out for you.

I was inspired by Kenneth Rocafort a comic book artist who draws the COOLEST smoke, fire and magic. He's currently on Red Hood and the Outlaws and I love his work. I just had to try drawing magical smoke the way that he does.

Also, I have been practicing color and lighting. The more I study entertainment art the more I notice that things will be the way that it is because they want you to notice or see something. I tried doing that here by making the yellow around the face the brightest yellow to make the face the focal point. I also made sure that the wings were not yellow for the same reason. I also made his tail swing up to again, lead the eye back to the face and the smoke's line of action points to the face. I did everything in my power to say LOOK HERE.

Mostly rambling to mysel here but I've been trying to keep these things in the back of my mind when I do a digital painting.

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