Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fresh Friday 2014

Check out the piece I did for Fresh Friday 2014! Fresh Friday is a like a secret santa but for New Years since the month of December is so hectic! A Fresh Friday! My person this year was Blue who has these really cool mermaid characters (sharkmaids?)  They were really fun to illustrate I like the way their colors look. You can check out the rest of the Fresh Friday art here!

December for me was really crazy I've been working night and day on stuff for work and possible jobs. Then after all that work I got really sick! I've been sick since Christmas and just today on January 4th have I started to feel better. I finally finished everything that I needed to get done so I was able to get some much needed rest yesterday. Feeling pretty good right now. 

Here's some bonus sharks from my twitter. (Sharks are nerds.) 

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