Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life Update: Summer Edition

Not art related but, summer is almost over and I feel like I've had a pretty good one. This past year has been stressful adjusting to "adult life" in the "real world." But I have been taking summer as a chance to improve my health and wellbeing. I'm going to miss you unhealthy teen lifestyle. I've been trying to keep a routine every day which I have never really done before. I get up every day and walk Pumpkin

She loves it.
Then I come home and make a breakfast. I've been into smoothies lately, this one is my favorite right now. I eat chia seeds for fatty acids, take a chromium for blood sugar, b vitamin supplement for mood and then I chug this horrible looking green drink concoction full of vitamins. After all that I am ready for pretty much anything.

Focus. Balance. Power.

Practicing baking this summer. On the quest to make the perfect cookie. I'm practicing chocolate chip/m&m right now. I want to move on to the perfect sugar cookie later this year.
 I gave this batch to some friends. 

Comic-con was pretty cool this year. It was my first time going with a professional badge and was a good chance to catch up with friends. I went to a lot of art related panels this year and took chicken scratch notes on ways to speed up digital art. I love to "work smarter not harder." I wrote down several programs I have never heard of but I'm particularly interested in a software called Vue. I also visited a lot of booths and I'm thinking I would like to do that in the future. I also picked up a few comics while I was there. (duh) I spent four days in San Diego and ended the weekend on a beach in Coronado watching the sunset with ice cream from Moo Time. 

Nana drinks water.

My brother and his fiancée have been down here visiting us for the summer along with their dog Nana. Catching up is always nice. Nana seems to be enjoying her vacation too. She likes to run and swim in the pool.

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