Sunday, December 7, 2014

Been busy these past couple months. I took a new job in Glendale and I love it. Sometimes you just get lucky enough to fall into something amazing and I'm feeling pretty blessed.

 I get to do storyboards, storyboard revisions, designs and editing. I'm gettinging better working with Adobe Premiere and learning comedic timing. I just want to work hard, make good stuff and get better and better.

I can't post stuff from the project quite yet but hopefully soon. Can't wait for those episodes to come back yipee!

Some buddies were nice enough to let me crash on their sofa while I worked during the day and searched for an apartment at night.

Couch sweet couch. 

 Eventually I found the perfect place. It's little, it's mine and I love it. It's close to my work and walking distance to the grocery store.  I don't really own anything yet, but I will.

Example of my minimalist style decorating. 

 Not owning anything also is an interesting test of problem solving skills. Including such classics as: "How many things can I make using this one bowl? " "Who needs spoons anyway?" and "Microwave? Naaaw."

I like cooking and baking on the weekend. I made banana bread today.

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