Thursday, October 29, 2015

I will get back into making completed pieces soon hopefully, but lately all I want to do is sketch!!!

((More below the break))

 Since playing Undertale... I can't stop thinking about Undertale.

(Undyne is cool. I mean, look at her.)
(So cool.)
I also started thinking about how choice affects the outcome of the game. Which, is no new idea to me, but having the ability to choose be good or bad is game element that I've always liked.

All this thinking about Undertale reminded me also of another spooky RPG which I enjoyed playing last year called OFF, by Mortis Ghost

(Which is basically, the exact opposite of Undertale in that you annihilate every monster and ghost you encounter...)

I would recommend playing OFF to anyone who has never played it for its unique world and cast of characters. Music and sound also play a big part in the atmosphere of the game which is something I love about it. 

(I can't really explain this game you just have to play it.)

These doodles were from 3AM when I was just thinking about superhero poses and how you would shorthand that for storyboarding. 

I've also been sketching a lot in my sketchbook because sketching is fun.


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