Tuesday, December 8, 2015

One Year Later.

This post is a little late but I just had my one year anniversary working at abcmouse.com. I can't believe I'm still working with these wonderful people one year later.


I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on this year, as well as my art. Instagram has been a wonderful tool to track my art progress. I also started using my Instagram account coincidentally, one year ago.

Last New Year's Eve I made a list of resolutions that I wanted to accomplish for 2015. They were: Learn perspective, stop drinking so much soda and learn how to get better at drawing people.

 I bought a book called Rapid Vis. which really helped me to understand perspective. What I didn't realize was that it was also helping me understand form and structure. What I also didn't realize was that learning perspective has really helped me when drawing complicated objects because I now understand how to move squares in a 3D space.

As for soda... I used to drink one or two sodas a day. I used to love it but it just became too much. Now I mostly drink water, tea and coffee. I might have one every great once in awhile but that's it.

And lastly... get better at drawing people. Here's an exercise I did from the springtime. I obviously had no idea what I was doing. My confusion seems pretty apparent in my wobble lines and structure lines.

Here's the same exercise from fall of the same year. Now, I'm way less confused. I drew so many hands that I no longer fear them anymore. I don't have to draw all of the lines because I can visualise what's going on underneath. I'm actually beginning to enjoy drawing hands.

Here's an exercise from last week. I really enjoy drawing hands now. I think it's fun and I do it as a kind of warm up/cool down stress relief. I can now focus on communication, gesture and just the shape of the hands to communicate what I want.

I never realised how important hands were to communicating feeling. (If you're shy, you tuck your fingers and hands away, excited people wave their hands around and have splayed fingers. That sort of thing.)

I'm definitely drawing more than hands so don't you mind me, but I was going through my gallery I say this clear change and I thought, Hey! I gotta share this!

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