Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Year's Thoughts.

I've kind of been avoiding updating this blog, mostly because I've been thinking of my new year's resolutions and the fact that I couldn't think of one for this year. However, I thought long and hard and I think I figured out my goals for this year.

1. I want to make fitness part of my life.  I'm trying to workout three times a week. Mostly for mental health. ...People who exercise get endorphins.

2. Go to bed earlier. (I am breaking this rule currently) But for real man, it takes me 3x longer to solve a problem I could of solved easily had I just slept properly. It's better to just sleep early and solve all the hard stuff in the morning.

3. Organize all of my things so I can find stuff without having to think about it. I FINISHED THIS ONE ALREADY! HA! My brain is a processor, not a storage unit. I don't want to have to  THINK about where something is, I just want it to BE there.

4. Continue to practice drawing hands, feet, cars, planes, things in perspective... I'm not really afraid to draw any of these things but I love practicing and staying solid.

5. Animate more little gifs. (so fun)

6. Post more illustrations. I didn't have as many as I would have liked to have done last year. Partly because I was focusing on sharpening foundational skills and partially because of timesuck websites. *note to self: avoid timesuck websites.*

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