Saturday, May 24, 2014

For the past five months I have been interning at Titmouse Inc in Hollywood, this past week was my last week as an art intern there. I had a lot of fun there! While I was in Highschool I watched all of the Adult Swim shows and I loved shows like Metalocalypse and Superjail! in particular so I was really excited when they returned my email.

Titmouse uses a lot of Adobe Flash to make their cartoons. Flash is a program that I have always wanted to learn but something would always come up and I  wasn't never able to really learn it. While attending CalArts, the Flash class was always one of the first to fill up and I was never able to make the list! So I thought, "What a perfect opportunity for me to finally learn Flash!"

Driving to Hollywood
Here's me going to Hollywood. I had to wake up pretty early to get there because of all of the traffic. This is my first experience really getting to explore around Hollywood. I can't believe how many people live in the Los Angeles area! 

Here is the Final Fantasy recap trailer that the studio was working on when I first started back in January. One of the first things I got to do at Titmouse was sit in on a meeting about the trailer. This was also my first introduction to using Flash. I edited and aligned some of the text in this. 

One of the scenes I helped color for Superjail! Season 4

Another thing I worked on was color and clean up for the new season of Superjail! I like this show because it looks like a bunch of drawings in a notebook just came to life. Some of the color palettes have a sort of retro art feel to them, which I really like. (Plus this show is really violent and I have a tendency to like violent things.) WHOOPS, anyway... 

I did color and clean up for a couple different scenes. I often teamed up with Todd to tackle these assignments. In this particular scene I fixed some of the lines on Jailbot's arms, doors and signs. I think I remember inking the Warden's socks and then I colored all of the characters. Todd really helped me while I was there. THANK YOU TODD! 

I helped color a couple different scenes in season four. I'll make GIFS of them after they air next month. The new season airs Sunday, June 15 at 11:45 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim.
 (A lot of things on Adult Swim are rated TV/MA so don't say I didn't warn ya. )  

The trailer for Season 4 

All the old episodes are streaming on Adult Swim too if you want to check it out.

Life on the outside ain't what it used to be.~


I also worked on a couple of Brad Neely projects. I really like Brad's work, he's a really funny guy! I colored some storyboards and colored some backgrounds. I also did some practice clean up for an unannounced project. Although the shows are both done in Flash, the styles of the shows and therefore, clean up is different. This is where I learned about ........the pencil tool. 

The clean up for this show is different from Superjail! This show is super clean with it's lines. I eventually got the hang of the pencil tool after I learned what smoothing and straightening is. Up until that point though, it was a complete fight. I would draw a curved line. Flash would make it completely straight. I tried to draw a hand. It would turn into a complete mess. Dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

I eventually got the hang of it and was able to clean up like a champ. 

I got a shirt!

Titmouse kept me pretty busy for the most part, but sometimes I would finish what I was doing and end up with some down time. Whenever I didn't have things to do I would just sort of mess around with some of the different programs. 

The first thing I animated by myself. 

The  Hoenn reboot got announced on one of the days I was working.
 I roughed out a little Mudkip.

This is mostly me just messing around, but I had fun. 

So now that I have finished interning I can say that I feel pretty confident working with Flash. I can animate clean up and color with it. While I was there I also got an intro into using Storyboard Pro and Sketch Up. It was fun learning different programs, working on shows and hearing cartoon voices blasting through the walls. Going to lunch with friends was fun too!

(Time to make some serious art. )

Interning at Titmouse has proven to be a really positive experience for me, I really enjoyed my time there. Not only do I feel like I learned a lot but I met a lot of really cool people! 
I got to learn a couple new programs while working on a show that I liked while being around awesome people. What more could you want?

Thank you to Sharon, Max, Dave, Todd, Chris, Lars and everyone at Titmouse for making my experience awesome! 

Until we meet again!

If you are interested in interning at Titmouse, you can go ahead and shoot them an email at the address listed on their website. 

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