Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Meep meep!"

Life Update Below the Break:

 My life is currently speeding towards destinations unknown. Good or bad. But, hopefully good. (Fingers crossed for good.) Spring is winding down and I'm starting to gear up for summer. I've been interning at Titmouse up in Hollywood for the past five months and I have two more weeks interning there, but I'll talk more about that later. 

I live kinda far away from Los Angeles, I have spent many hours in my car. I mean, many many hours driving and sitting in traffic. It's unreal. I'm really happy I got to intern, but woah. Two hours of driving one way is a lot.  I've gotten pretty familiar with the freeways and roads around LA. Also, I've been listening to a lot of music, stand up comedy, audio books and I've listened to every episode of Welcome to Night Vale at least twice. 

Other things I've done this semester besides sitting in traffic: I had a meeting in Santa Monica and afterwards I visited the pier. 

I was a very beautiful day!

I even made a friend!!

My mom always says "No matter what you do in life, you're always going to learn something. Either you're going to learn what to do, or what not to do." Taking tests for shows has, if nothing else, made me more aware of my own weaknesses. I want to be as strong as I possibly can be. So in a quest to destroy all of my weaknesses I've been doing a lot of studying in my free time. Studying isn't exactly something that's fun or exciting but still a necessary part of any artists journey. Just as an athlete must practice, so must an artist.

One thing I wanted to get better at is staging. I asked a friend of mine if she knew any anime that has really great staging, she suggested studying FLCL. I chose to study anime because I feel like anime is really done in a smart way. I wouldn't say that I have watched a ton of anime, but I have watched some and anime is really good at working with budget. All shows have a budget, and if you can figure out how to stage something well, you can save the rest of your crew a lot of work while making the show look good. Staging, reusing shots and reusing animation, limited animation and just overall visual storytelling is something I am interested in currently. I don't like showing this kind of stuff because it isn't really "me" (plus it's kind of boring let's be honest here) but it is important to my personal studies and growth. So, here are a few of my  FLCL studies. 

I have pages and pages of this kind of stuff.
I hope to do even more studies of shows and movies soon.

I like doing my studies in pen because it helps me not get hung up on making "good" drawings, since... that's not really the point of the exercise.  

I've also starting to get back to my foundational roots here. Getting back to basics. 

Speaking of getting back to basics....

I bought a book on perspective.  I've never been able to really wrap my brain around perspective but for the first time in my life I feel like I'm finally able to understand what people were trying to tell me all these years. I have pages and pages in my sketchbook of definitions, squares and lines. 

 Some quick frazetta studies plus some doodles. 

On some non-art related news, I've also been practicing cooking. I made Kitsune Udon for the first time last week.

I like to order this at restaurants so I wanted to take a stab at making it myself. It turned out pretty good!  

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